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Lydia Wade is the Executive Director and Founder of BRAD.  Lydia graduated from the Bonnie Bergin University for Canine Studies with a certificate in assistance dog training.  In 1994, she returned from the University with her first puppy, Boz, and began developing the organization and training Boz as a service dog.    Prior to BRAD, Lydia worked as an obedience trainer for several years and studied landscape architecture at Virginia Tech.
Board of Directors:

Stuart Schadt, President
Stuart is the Reverend at Trinity Episcopal Church which has always been very supportive of BRAD.   He has been President since 2009 and is very active in the community.

Nancy Thomason, Secretary
Nancy and her Service Dog, Shadow, are one of our teams.  They have been working together since 2002.  She was the first person to be her own puppy raiser and work with BRAD in that manner.

Roxana Adams
Roxana is the Curator of the Manassas Museum.    Before she became part of BRAD, she traveled on metro and would see our first team, Gus & Boz, going to work everyday from Silver Spring to D.C. .

Marie Evick
David Foster
Carl Genthner
Rose Schwitzer

Lydia Wade-Driver, Executive Director
                Lydia is BRAD’s Founder.  She is an Animal Communicator and a Master Reiki Practitioner.   She worked for Bergin University of Canine Studies as the Training Consultant for PPH (Paws for Purple Hearts), part of the Wounded Warrior Project at Walter Reed.  This directly involved training soldiers with PTSD and TBI to train service dogs for veterans.

Advisory Board:
 Dr. Paul C. Desper
 John E. Van Stavoren, DVM

Honorary Board:
 Richard B. Goode, DVM
 The Honorable MacDougal Rice
 Amory R. Wade